Challenge Accepted

We all face challenges in life. The big question - do we accept them or not? Challenge Accepted is a simple, effective and interactive way to raise much needed funds for FoundationH. This enables us to go on and provide safe, community based housing and wrap around support for people with disability.


Accept the challenge and start raising funds for FoundationH today!






Accept the challenge.
Here's how to get started.




Anyone can do it!


The Everyday Hero website is a community of fundraisers just like you, who relay and advance causes to create positive change and raise money while doing it. Getting started with Everyday Hero is easy.

  1. Choose FoundationH as your chosen charity
  2. Build an online supporter page
  3. Start using your page to inspire others about why you are supporting FoundationH

You can ask for support by simply sharing the everyday hero link on your social media accounts. This easily enables your friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you, with proceeds going towards building homes for people with disability. All donations are processed by Everyday Hero and directly passed on to FoundationH.




Why Matt Golinski is passionate about FoundationH


Matt Golinski is a highly regarded Australian chef with a passion for simple, yet flavour-packed food based on seasonal, fresh, local ingredients.


Matt has experienced first-hand the challenges that people living with disability and their families face. Matt’s twin daughters, Willow and Sage, were born with a genetic abnormality, leading to the girls’ experiencing movement, speech, language and developmental delays. The Golinski family fought hard to ensure the twins’ lives remained as ‘normal’ as possible and that they received all the same opportunities as their younger sister, Starlia.


In late 2011, a fire in the Golinski family home tragically claimed the lives of Matt’s wife, Rachael and their three young daughters. The blaze left Matt fighting for his life with third degree burns to over 40 per cent of his body.


Today, Matt is passionate about honouring the legacy of his family through his work with FoundationH. 


“I’m really impressed with the social housing program FoundationH provides to support people living with disabilities, so they can lead independent, productive and positive lives in their local communities.”


Matt has made extraordinary progress with his recovery. As a regular runner, he is passionate about good health, fitness and the benefits of a positive attitude. In his role as ambassador for FoundationH, Matt helps people living with disability learn how to create simple, delicious and nutritious meals to support happy, healthy lives.