About Us

FoundationH is the charitable arm of not-for-profit organisation, Help Enterprises. We are committed to enhancing the independence and lifestyle of people with disability by initiating major housing projects. Our philosophy is simple and is focussed on keeping families and communities together.
We build homes to provide those in need with a place to live. We make it possible for people with disability to live in the communities they call home. 
We are also involved in building respite centres that give people with disability a chance to experience independent living and give families a chance to recharge. We build disability support hubs, enabling access to our services that assist with skills development and life planning for young adults. We build individuals confidence and independence. Our hubs provide platforms for employment and social engagement within local communities, leveraging on the familiarity and comfort that comes from being part of a 'community'. 
Importantly, we are creating hope for those who have experienced so many barriers to independence. We give hope to the families of people with disability, who may not always be able to care for their adult child.

Help Enterprises and FoundationH.

Building on the commercial acumen and strength of Help Enterprises, FoundationH is working to tackle the big issue – the infrastructure and social assets that are required to support those with disability in our community. 


As one of Queensland’s most successful, self-sustaining social enterprises, Help Enterprises has been delivering positive outcomes for people who with disability since 1968, by providing support for employment, training, skills and personal development. Help Enterprises experience in this sector gives us great insight into the real issues that face people with disability. There is no doubt that that there is more to be done.